Lilikoi Kaos was selected for ‘Call to Create’, an initiative of London’s Roundhouse. The brief was to create a circus event as an artistic response to the installation of Ron Arad’s ‘Curtain Call’ at the Roundhouse in August 2011.

Lilikoi collaborated with EYESONTHEWALL for the production’s 360º projections and directed Stephan Williams, Billy George Jacques, and Collectif and then to create a fully immersive circus production.

EYESONTHEWALL created a collection of still images and a video snapshot of Concentrics. The clip uses a single soundtrack whereas the full show used music by Pentaphobe, Circus Contraption, and others.

The show was a critical and popular success. Apologies to those who queued but were unable to get seats.


Collectif and then: Lucie N’Duhirahe & Francesca Hyde

Stephan Williams

Billy George Jacques

Producer/Director’s statement:

“Concentrics is about the magic of articulate bodies ‘speaking’ volumes in a gesture. Everything begins with a moment. The point of weightlessness in the swing of trapeze, the glimpse of stillness in a balance, the first fall of love, the out-breath of loss, and the surprise of accidental inspiration. Working with the revelation of the zoetrope – all action is a sequence of still moments. Using flesh and sinew to weave the journey of identity, attracting and repelling, encircling and revealing. Showing that all movement is a chain, a line, a string of single moments of stillness.

Like all productions Concentrics is a collaborative piece involving many talented individuals.

In my work I focus upon those on the periphery, the fringe dwelling, marginalized, oddities moving against the grain.  Resisting being packaged and consumed as novelty. Desiring to reveal our hidden dreams. This show is about moments. Single moments that link together and become a chain. In this collaboration, everyone is bringing the thread of their own visions into a constantly transforming cat’s cradle. Creating glimpses of the future we grow towards. The feel is that of continuation, play, rotation and movement.

Concentrics is about going as far as you can to the outer edges and finding you have arrived at the centre.” Lilikoi Kaos